Sacred Forest, 3D Environment


Personal, class project


Blender, Maya, Unity


6 weeks, March - May, 2023

Sacred Forest depicts a cemetery environment at night. The player will wander around the cemetery as a kid with a lamp in hand looking for a playground. The lamp will illuminate the environment when the player moves, so the player can find a portal to leave the cemetery and get to the playground. The game hopes to bring a spooky feeling to players as they wander alone in the darkness.

The idea for this was based on my experience as a child. I once went to a cemetery to play with childhood friends at night and experienced peculiar events. After the trip, I dreamt about getting lost in the cemetery for a whole month. For every night of that month, I saw myself being stuck in the dark cemetery, running and screaming, but unable to find the playground or get out.

The creation process includes brainstorming concept, creating proposal, sketching, developing 3D assets, building the environment in Unity, and publishing it on

Most of the assets were modeled in Blender and Maya and then imported into Unity to use for the environment.

Sacred Forest environment can be explored HERE

Aerial view of the environment
Aerial layout of the environment
Image of trees, graves, and a gate Cemetery scene of the environment Image of a playground scene at night with playground slides, sandbox, and a light pole Playground scene Image of a lantern illuminating a tunnel Through the tunnel Image of a 3d cat model in different angles 3D cat toy Image of a rigging rat on the left and Jesus Christ 3d scuplture on the right Rigging rat and Jesus Christ sculpture Image of a playground slide on the left and sand toys Playground and sand sculpting toys

Through this project, I learned about the workflow of creating a 3D environment and overcame many development issues since it was my first time using Unity.

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